Do you know what makes a girl beautiful?

Its not about voluptuousness or sexiness or height or perfect face or perfect nose or perfect lips. Maybe that’s pretty, pretty things are nice to see and behold. But that’s not beautiful.

Let me tell you. The second top reason is youth. No not teenage youth. 26 years old is plenty young. Youthfulness is full of life, full of potential, full of future, full of unbridled optimism, full of hope. “No one so young should be so sad”. Even the most dejected youth still has unused time, time for change, time that is not yet written. A youthful person is beautiful.

So what’s the top reason? It’s simply love. A person in love is beautiful, a person loved is beautiful. I don’t think I need to say any more.

Yes, you are beautiful.

that was partially a literary exercise. Haha. But why can’t it be true? muses.

does a muse have to be-muse to a-muse?


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