Your child

Some of the most endearing parts of being a parent, are the small things that aren’t often listed:

  • the feeling of watching your child fall asleep
  • the feeling of waking your child up to feed, for meals, to go out, to go home, etc.

These are the little moments, that by itself probably doesn’t really mean very much, but are just the little moments you have, and are privileged, to witness as the parent.

Little acts that maybe only you are entitled to do. Often we are so afraid to awaken or disturb a sleeping baby – yes they do get really grumpy and wail-ly if woken up without enough sleep, and yes messing up the sleep pattern will mess up the feeding pattern and middle-of-night timing, etc. So it’s really only the parent who gets the right to do so.

Yup. It’s your baby, and your child.

Your child

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