So I had to almost drag S to go to Yosemite with me – instead of spending more time shopping and hanging out in San Jose. But look at how pretty it is!

I cannot stand multi-hour drives
the most overrated viewing spot in yosemite nation park
if you had to visit a giant or a deity who collects rocks, this will be it
something ethereal-y peaceful about it
the nice part about skulking around the park all day long, is the variety of timings and shots. here the sun is settling down, warm rays
bathed in the glow
this is the one that looks like we’re on the moon
mostly hilarious dinner. how did we even. and we forgot the rest of the pizza
a small but lovely trail
my favorite spot of all – tenaya lake
I like the teal waters, the sharp bold gray of the rocks, the tips of the trees, the shadows, the blue wisps. This is my top yosemite view.
there were a lot of roads. I would not have imagined so much time driving to get around the national park
finally left the place. another seriously american-style diner. at this point, if I’m not eating classic american style meals, I probably don’t feel like I’m in US. californian health foods meh.
Bldg 45 – because we’re such Google/Android fans
we do have so many android figurines all over the house
the infamous t-rex, google, stay weird.
at the air museum. pretty damn cool.
saying goodbye to the kids

How’s Yosemite, worth a trip? I guess so. It’s a huge detour/expedition. Only on my third trip to SF did I make it out to Yosemite. Day trips probably give you a glance, especially if you are afraid of that immense wilderness, or travelling alone. You can plan for a longer stayover like we did ($$), but you really get to move slowly, chill, sit, touch the trees, watch the sun go down, and a lot more. Most everything in there is pretty, except for the tunnel view.

In all it was such a beautiful trip from start to finish, couldn’t have been better.


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