yet another dream

I had a dream the other day. One of those nightmarish things I get these days. Anyway this one woke me up again in that same irritable, indignant state.

I dreamt that you were pregnant. No, I wasn’t involved in that. Yes, I did remark to myself at the ridiculous impossibility of that, both during and after the dream, I think. Especially since you had not been in any relationship for awhile, in the dream.

Anyway before going to bed I was channel-surfing and settled on TV5Monde, a french international channel. The movie, leaving out the irrelevant main story, had this young female lawyer working her way around. She has an intimate relationship with this other lawyer. They meet up, go out, have sex in hotels. One can imagine to be an almost typical guiltless french relationship. Anyway her brother tries to look after her, but she’s headstrong and independent. He (brother) finds out that she is pregnant. She doesn’t care much, is going to have an abortion. Brother tells the guy, in a what-do-you-mean-about-all-this-are-you-going-to-take-care-of-my-sister style. Guy is shocked that he doesn’t know. Confronts the girl, who doesn’t want a serious relationship (dunno why), has this line where she goes “do you see me in court with a stroller?”, amusing. Yup so that gave me my dream/nightmare. Really full of ridiculous dreams sometimes.

You were pregnant, alone it seems, and it was all pretty bewildering.

Did not help that I was in some foreign hotel bed.

yet another dream