jhender.com has been upgraded to WordPress 3.0. Incidentally that coincides with me doing a minor revamp of the look, which are pretty unrelated.

Interesting points to note for WP 3.0, admin-wise that is:
– fantastic fast and almost perfect upgrade from WP-MU 2.92 to WP 3.0, considering that they were separate programs and pretty different before that.
– minor updating of code needed by admin. but well im glad it was quite simple and fast. and nothing broke. =)
– smoother cleaner back-end interface.
– super efficient mass updating of plugins and themes now available.
– probably some code upgrades everywhere that i cant see.

the new theme i’m using
– the old one had some irregularities in display that got on my nerves. i hate messy blogs.
– this one is more muji-zen.
– i love my small icons
– i also love my illustrator artwork.
– i think i want to upgrade the comment structure too.

[Ok got the blog back in shape, upgrading did wreck my image links after all. Internal redirections and bizarre .htaccess file. Glad I din have to redo my installation. Though it was quite stupid of me not to have a backup][Glitter in the Air]


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