World Cup – From around the world

Some people can’t just do it the normal way.

For canada
– VPN to Canada exit server
– go to CBC website
– view Replays of matches
– Good: watch the matches at any time you like! That’s real convenient. Scrollbar at the bottom allows you to jump, but can be spoilers.
– Bad: Quality isn’t HD, bit ghosty. Minor lag. Not sure where is the live stream button.

For UK
– VPN to UK server
– go to BBC iPlayer channel BBC2
– Check schedule for live matches and ‘Match of the day’ reruns.
– Good: Seems to have iPlayer apps available for mobile and other services. A few other channels are available.
– Bad: only one channel for world cup. no on-demand replay.

[Reminder, above links won’t work if you access them outside of their home countries. Content is locked.]

VPN providers
– There are tons of them out there
– Currently I just started with since it appears well rated by some non-dodgey websites, and the service is basic and not overly expensive. Frills like pretty apps and websites aside, what you need is a good stable connection at the highest speed possible for video streaming. That’s tough to get. If you just want a connection, there are other offerings that give you a wider choice of exit server countries. For eg PIA doesn’t have much Asia connections.

KIV Cyberghost VPN when I need a free vpn cxn in the future.

VPN reviews:

World Cup – From around the world

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