Words, and more words

Movie: Destination Wedding (2018)

A rapid fire machine gunned dialogue of insults traded between Winona Ryder and Keanu Reeves. We found it pretty entertaining and quite hilarious at parts. Not a particularly complicated movie but it had some nice images and it’s nice to have some dialogue for a change. S likened it to Before Sunset, but different. (Damn, Before Sunset (2004) is old.)

We agreed it’s somehow pleasant and comforting to be able to hear, process, speak, think, talk at a good speed, cadence, complexity, accuracy and eloquence. One of the unappreciated quirks of a relationship, or rather, what should be there for a relationship to succeed but oft left out of typical checklists and criteria. Or, things you didn’t realize till after. But true.

Also ties into how S found a young teenager to be so intriguingly comfortable to talk to, compared to some old(er) adults. A surprising young person with an obsession with the Russian language, poetry, uncommon movie tastes and that je-ne-sais-quoi I guess. Reminded of me indeed. I don’t know why, we just are (ha-ha-ha-ha. punny).

It didn’t seem abnormal to me, well not that abnormal, although I think I gathered it wasn’t as normal as many other things and people. But it was truly delightfully enjoyable, and it was difficult to just like normal things, nor did I really try. It was an environment which said: it’s ok, go ahead. It actually probably directly encouraged you to be different, or to go into every which oddball direction. Not weird if everybody’s weird, or if everybody’s weirder. Exactly.

Looking back, would I ever really pin down the why or how or when, but it definitely was.

Another word-thing, found this article today “https://www.esquire.com/news-politics/amp48031/the-falling-man-tom-junod/ The Falling Man – An Unforgettable Story”. An impressively longform and well written and heart wrenching story of a very well-known and iconic photo from the 9/11 incident in USA. How the sights and photos of people who fell/jumped from the towers triggered such reactions yet at the same time mystery of the identities. It’s beautifully written, really gives justice to the emotions that ran in the country at that point of time, and the after. As an outsider, we probably could not have felt as intensely as the citizens of US, but what an incident to live through in my lifetime. “When I was young” story. Incidentally I also seem to be living through the “Trump” and “Facebook” period of US history, would be quite the scandal to talk about 10 years from now.

Anyhow, so I was likening poetry, to drinking wine – having the time, space, mood to sit down, savour the words slowly like sipping wine, letting the smell the taste the notes the body to arrive on your tongue, flow down your throat, seep into your tastebuds, waft into your nasal cavities, linger in your mouth, and watch it swirl. It’s the luxury of life that often we do not have time for, space for, mood for. When young, free, new, it was beautiful to appreciate the newfound books of old poets who wrote such differently from normal people, of new poets too for sure, of many different things. You tend to lose it as you grow up and start working. But then maybe it never really left us as we continue to write, talk, communicate in a certain medium others find impossible to converse to. Then there was this whole spoken word revolution, which was a hit of fresh air scented with Spring.


Words, and more words

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