WordPress 2.4 was released yesterday. Even though it wasn’t a major upgrade, it was still a decent one. I mean, wordpress is free!

I realised that news like that never appears on Facebook. No one proclaims on Facebook that WordPress is out, go upgrade! I guess facebook has its sets of topics. But why is it like that. I’ve been pondering over what drives networks and sites. Is it user group like a friend network, a work contact network, a company network? Or is it content like square photos, jokes, pranks, gossip? Both types of sites exists, aplenty. Why is it that Facebook is overrun with food and people photos, why is Twitter overrun with mindless throwaway statements. I miss google readers’ old sharing feature, where one could occasionally chance upon gems and new news sources that are interesting, and never overwhelming. How would you discover new articles to read? How do you share them? Dump into fb, into twitter? Saw something named http://kippt.com but i think its not fully baked yet.

Ponders further.


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