I must admit, I was a little distracted from the music last night. Let me try to describe what I felt:

Sitting in a concert hall, looking up at the vaulted arched ceilings, the space-saucer sound reflector,the padded doors… I had an image of a large crystal vase, and of an artist conjuring up wisps of colored smoke trails with a wand, placing them into this crystal vase. Something akin to Dumbledore taking out his memories and putting them into the memory bowl.

A large crystal bowl, swirling with coloured wisps all floating around. And currently I am immersed in all this, like sitting in a bath tub full of bubble bath floating around. The music is like pretty yet intangible sound waves, that I can hear but cannot feel, is like bubbles that I can see but are too light to feel. Sometimes the music doesn’t feel too good or make much sense. Then it feels like the bubbles are missing and the water is a little too cold. 
At times I just can’t feel the music.


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