Why the Pixel isn’t as great as it could be

As they say, focus, is the key to an incredible product. Search is Google’s focus. Search/Ads anyway. Everything else is and always has been icing on the cake.

If iPhones or S10s had an issue, that’ll be the top headline for Apple and Samsung. It’s such a central part of their identity. But Samsung is such a huge conglomerate with huge businesses in their TVs, home electricals, and even many many other industries. Apple naturally now derives most of their revenue from the iPhone base. Though there’s also substantial sales of Mac computers, iPads, Appstore purchases that are not small, but just dwarfed by iPhones.

On the other hand, big headlines about Google are about 1. freedom of speech, 2. human rights, 3. internet freedom, 4. privacy, 5. some china-US thing, 6. US politics, 7. LGBT stuff, 8. Cloud competition, and so many more. Mobile phones, especially Pixel line, is big, but not that headline hogging for a Google CEO, and naturally for the Google company and employees. Not to say that they aren’t attempting to work hard at it, but it’s on a whole other level when the entire company is aware and focused on delivering an excellent product, optimizing everything to get the profit margins, manufacturing margins, design competitiveness and every single aspect to a world-class competitive level that Apple and Samsung has made themselves into, in order to survive the competition over the past 10 years of mobile wars.

The only and biggest benefit Google has, is that they have the army of software engineers who made Android, so they can make the most perfect version of phone-android that any manufacturer is capable of. But still, as an entire hardware spec / service / price / everything package, the Pixel still has so much that can be squeezed out of it in order to be on the level of iphones and samsungs.

But you cannot deny that the deep pockets of Google has given a product where very little is held back in terms of user privacy, security, warranty. Privacy and security in the way that no additional loopholes other than the original Google metrics are added in. So currently, to me anyway, the price premium is about paying for this. The extra frills like Pixel-exclusive features don’t really apply to non-US customers anyway.

So, Pixel phones are still a difficult sell outside of US, the pricing difference between US price and International price is silly, the features are not well distributed, and the whole package, while vastly improved in 3 years, still has a good way to go.

We can only hope it gets better.

Why the Pixel isn’t as great as it could be

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