Why Ingress is more awesome than Skyfall

One is real and the other isn’t.

The more I play the more impressed I am with the game. Now when I see other people building farms and slingshotting birds, it’s just such a trivial use of the insanely powerful device that they are holding in their hands. A internet-enabled, socially-connected, multi-core processor, gigs of ram, A-GPS, wifi, gyroscope equipped piece of goodness.

If you haven’t heard of Ingress: www.ingress.com, www.nianticproject.com, https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nianticproject.ingress

This game requires you to (optionally understand the back story), preferably understand the basic mechanics through the tutorial, but really there’s a lot more details than the tutorial explains. It requires that you understand how to read maps, specifically Google Maps on Android. You should ideally be extremely good at reading maps, navigating, transferring location awareness from one super dark map to the normal map, understand your orientation, walk towards a location, assisted of course by your wonderful app. You should have a unlimited and always-on data connection. The higher speed and lower latency the better. You will no doubt realise how pathetic most network coverage is. This is what we need for IDA’s latest network coverage test! You also need to communicate with fellow players in the region, and sometimes worldwide. You need to cooperate in real-world game play. Which can be freaky because you’ve never met these people EVER. You should also be able to navigate the desktop map, because it is so helpful. It is also extremely helpful to know how to measure distances on the map, and do basic arithmetic. You should learn to count in the metric Kilometre system, and not in miles. You need to navigate the imperfect chat system. You need to devise your own communities and real-time chat systems with alerts.

At the end of it, your phone usage skills will have improved dramatically. You can now do all of the above, juggling mutiple app windows, communication lines, schedules, timings, locations. You will learn the exact locations of landmarks and how to get around between them. You will meet people, you will get a lot of exercise.

I also like how the app has pushed the boundaries of phone design. We used to be fairly happy with 8 hour battery life, then 12 hour. We learnt to control our gps usage and so on. Now, this game blows it out of the water. Always-on GPS and screen and data. It runs out in an hour sometimes. Someone needs to come up with a much better, faster, more effiient and longer lasting phone. We need it now! And need spurs innovation.

Skyfall, on the other hand, was weird. The 2hr+ passed quickly enough. It didn’t feel slow. But I couldn’t figure out the story, or what the hell film was I watching. At the end of it, I was wondering, is this Bond? Other than the Bond James Bond, what makes it any special? There was no crazy location except for a cursory instanbul-like shot at the start. But Taken 2 already did that. Meh. There was a girl or two, but no bed. There was no fancy car or gadgetry that did anything useful. There were uneventful shots of shanghai and macau, but not really into it or impressive. Mission Impossible 3 (or 4), did asia much better. Taken 2 did middle east better. I did like the opening video with the song, but the rest of the movie didn’t seem good enough. It was alright, just not great. Maybe there’s too much Bourne, Mission Impossible and Taken going around.

Ingress is so much better at making you feeling like a super pumped up secret agent.

The Hobbit trailer was enticing though.

Why Ingress is more awesome than Skyfall

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  1. S says:

    Ingress also greatly enhances your peripheral vision. Especially while you’re trying to look at but not look at people around who may or may not be recharging the portal you’re trying to bomb.

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