When the price isn’t right

Do I still can’t sleep, what’s new? The stars shifted a little.


I thought of asking you to go watch a movie. I just felt like some company, but I don’t really know what to say, not a conversationalist. I suppose I haven’t found my tongue yet, or maybe I can’t put the words out, or I don’t want to bore you with my life.
And my mind jumped to When Harry Met Sally. And to the problem of procuring movies.
Remembering the Sembawang music store? Or Audiophile? It seems like they are gone. I haven’t seen them. Then again, I don’t go shopping much, I suppose That CD shop still exists? It just feels weird to go out and buy discs. So weird. It’s out of my habit. To go all the way to a mall, search for a shop, and then search for a disc. It’s really difficult okay. Compared to typing a line on the keyboard. Those places are either messy or unfriendly. I did used to buy cds though. I do have a stack. And then? I don’t know.
It seems like I don’t even know where to find the more obscure indie movies that I like. The ones I would consider buying a hard copy of anyway. Itunes? I don’t like them. Restrictive, I don’t have the ecosystem, and too limited selection still. Google Movies? Not available. Others? Seriously I am online so much and I don’t even know where else to look. Sad. Seems like it is either theater or underground. But I pay so much for theater and I don’t get to watch it again? And I have to troop all the way down to a cold place with yucky ppl and elevators. Oh yes there’s MIO tv, laggy to the point of total unusability. The economy is so bad. I hope somebody fixes this properly.

When the price isn’t right

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