what is it about cny

what is it about cny that fascinates me so. is it the silly infantile advertising? is it the comparative lack of commercial drive? is it the flood of colors and intense flavours? is it the scary traditions? is it the reunions of extended families larger than one could imagine? is it the red dress and red underwear instead of the black dress and black underwear? is it the gettogethers instead of the parties? is it  the pineapple tarts? is it like being a child? is it the grandparents?

let’s start with a few photos. well just a few. i can’t bear to keep taking the same photos of everything every year.

angular paper bags hanging outside a shop in chinatown. the shop which you will see below selling one of my favourite pineapple tarts. im not quite into home baked ones. somehow i dont trust nameless unfriendly aunties i do not know. the paperbag is like the Tangs christmas one that i have sitting on my bedroom floor. So what’s the story?? and that was a day of taking photos with Joshua Hoh, who oughta use his bike more.

colorful masks hanging from the ceiling. i dont know why they are here, but its a welcome sight. the shop was really crowded so i couldnt get any clear photo. hence some not so fantastic crops here.

i was extremely intrigued by the green lampshade over the counter. really. it was very captivating. i hope you agree. there’s another photo after the break. dark wood, long counter, red bottle caps, lit.

i bought a bottle of the pineapple tarts. coz there’s always room for more goodness. and its okay i can skip everything else (or maybe just a few slices of everything else) but i need to have these. many many. which i discovered incidentally to be the most expensive pastries of all cny goodies.

nian gao tastes yucky. but looks cool. the huge ones too.

what is it about cny