what if i were the devil?

If I were the devil, I would be PERFECT. I would be tall and hunky (modern day style) and dashing and swoonable and be super intelligent and sensitive and caring and rich and humble and thoughtful and gentlemanly and absolutely be the 100% perfect infalliable guy, never ever criticise you, never point out what’s wrong. A totally captivating, sly, slick, 100% smooth character. That would be the devil.

But I am not, I am not perfect and all that and everything. I can be difficult to like and understand sometimes, like, maybe, God, who is a nice guy, well, he tries 100+?% to be, or rather he is, but it just doesn’t always comes across as being that, ya know what I mean? Sometimes I am not so tall, not so good looking, not so rich looking, not so smart, I get myself killed, I get laughed at, derided, tossed aside, unbelieved, UnLiked, blamed. Hey someone gotta do it.

So, you know, I don’t seem to be perfect at all.


/ juste pour rire.

what if i were the devil?

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