web ethics

Following from the previous post, there’s been so much change in the web, and how content is controlled and hosted and moderated and filtered by Google, Facebook, Twitter, Wechat etc etc etc. And the web is so global, but also so focused on American companies like the first three above.

Currently it so happens that Silicon Valley is quite progressive, their values quite align to us (Singapore), and me (modern hippie whatever). But what if it diverged? Should these tech giants still impose their values on the rest of the world? And why should we let them? Should they just be a dumb pipe like an Internet Service Provider / telco? Should they let countries and governments do their own controls, which is afterall how the world works? Should we have to create our own search engine, our own maps (most countries do), our own social networks, our own instant messenger etc? It’s tough for a small country with 6 million people to have the scale and clout to run all that, but the geographies, the virtual internet online geographies are so very different from real-world boundaries. Are nation outlines any more relevant?

The tech giants are so woke right only because they realise their platform has enabled someone like Donald Trump to get into presidency, etc etc. But if not for that, would they care so much about other countries? Or by virtue of the fact that they are American and USA has a habit of interference in other countries, they would still care? But don’t forget they are still basically imposing their own will etc.

I don’t necessarily agree with their meddling. I don’t necessarily agree with Google’s actions always either.

web ethics

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