This video of a Chromebook ad made me smile and see how they dared to make a meme-video that’s so cheezy. And it kinda fits. Not that I’m sold on the chromebook thing, but I appreciate the video and their guts to do it.

This video of a GoPro ad is just beautiful. Yeah that’s professional footage and editing, and you’ll be nowhere as beautiful if you do it yourself, but it’s so awesome and beautiful and inspiring and full of life and well paced, and how do they swim with those kinda joined fins. I want to ski. (but I’m also scared of doing stunts like those, yeah I’m a scaredy cat.)

And if you can catch a time lapse video of the Space Shuttle move, try to find it. The link I had was taken off YouTube by LA Times. Boohoo at traditional media folks.

And this Zeitgeist interview with Larry Page is rather cool. and long. but still cool. And he speaks real gently, maybe it’s his bad throat but well, makes him sound gentle.

7 years ago we started to work on maps. that was before phones, smartphones… you can only use it on your computer… 7 years later, … we’re excited for people to notice, that we’ve worked hard on it for several years.

ideas before time….

asteroid mining…

imagine when your kids reach 16, and they start to drive, how happy will you be be to have self driving cars. knowing that they are not going to kill themselves driving. they think they’re driving, but it’s like delusional driving. leading cause of death in 16yo is driving.

It all made me think, I’m so glad YouTube’s around, and that it has grown, and that the  media companies did not manage to kill it, and all the ad money funded it, and all the ads we view (and some people click, because I click real few ads) have supported it.

It made me appreciate the 7 years Google worked on maps because I realised I use my devices for primarily maps, location-based services, video watching, news streaming and communication, and everything else isn’t really important yet.

And I want those self driving cars too – so that other people do not kill me. You gotta protect yourself against idiots out there.


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