Universal Studios

Seeing as I never have time to fiddle with things at home, and blog,
here’s some typing on the train.

Went to Universal Studios@Sentosa today, courtesy of the company’s
family day. Apparently their first ever. Impressions of the place:
opening time didn’t seem that crowded, maybe because its a weekday.
Having to separately collect $5 retail & $5 food vouchers from Guest
Services seems silly. Maybe they r doing this to boost numbers or
compensate for the broken rollercoaster.
Place is pretty small, can easily see the opposite side and walk one
round comfortably, actually walked back n forth quite a bit today.
Mini-coasters r short: queue an hour and its over in a minute, not
very satisfying.
Waterworks show was great, nice interaction, nice performance. Just
half an hour but felt long. Do avoid both wet and splash zones if you
are serious about staying dry. Didn’t spot the poncho place nor
lockers before ending up in the queue. Lousy.
Jurrasic Park area has two main rides, both of which are decent if the
queues were shorter. The mini-coaster is short. The raft ride was
short too, ultra long queue, high possibility of getting soaked at the
end, ponchos are a necessity and a dreadful waste of plastic. Not very
satisfied with the design and operation.
Movie set show by Steven Spielberg was nice. Impressive setup. Short/no queue.
Mummy Returns medium-coaster was good. Long queue area inside the
building, cold aircon, thrilling ride in the darkness with nice
surprises. need to deposit bag before entering, lockers free for
‘City’ area was pretty, comfortable with aircon.
Food was largely hopeless. Beverages were tolerable at $3 for a
bottled drink. Carts and stalls do run out of finger foods. Meals were
of below average standard. Ate at a cafe near the entrance,
inefficient workflow, poor service standard, untasty food.
Souvenirs – no idea.
Weather, on a good singapore day is tolerable for a native. Humid
always, sun-hot outdoors, cool for indoor queues tt have fans n shade,
helps to regularly go into airconditioned buildings like Shrek 4D,
Mummy Returns.
Shrek 4D – Pretty nice show. Kid-safe. Somewhat too much of the ‘prisoner’ talk. Moving chairs were nice. Try to sit in the middle of the room to get better 3-D effect on the glasses. I felt that the side was abit wonky.

Water seems to be a huge aspect of this theme park. I dont know why. Maybe to cool everyone down. bleh.

overall, worth about $50 to me. $70+? meh. To kids, always worth it.

Universal Studios

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