My old Ubiquiti Edgerouter Lite died (well it was the second one that died), so I was out of proper routers. Using a spare/emergency Netgear freebie set as a stand-in just didn’t seem to cut it. I couldn’t reconfigure all my DHCP to my liking, I couldn’t get my routing nice, my VLANs, and I suspect it had some scanning turned on that made everything so laggy. Maybe I should have just turned off the scanning.

Anyway, I thought about trying to self-repair the ERL, but it still felt way too troublesome.

Decided to finally plonk the cash down and get the Unifi Security Gateway (3P).

– still runs so hot like other Ubiquiti hardware
– so square. design is ok, build quality isn’t superb superb but good enough for a router you’re not going to look at in person. I’d say I still like the ERL design, it’s industrial-pretty
– Ubiquiti needs to ship this with UK plugs for goodness sake
– Would have preferred something with higher spec for feeling like it can handle my 1 Gbps/1Gbps line. But next price jump is too ex for now.

Am really glad with my network speed and latency right now. Maybe it’s just back to the original speed but it’s so nice to have all my media, pages and everything else load so quickly with little delay.

If you think your phone is slow, it’s probably partly the internet/router/wifi/connection.

It’s really a first world problem but life on the internet is great with fast unlimited high speed low latency fibre broadband.

Current setup with USG + Unifi-24 switch + 2 * UAP-AC-Pro is just pretty insane in coverage.


So Unifi USG’s built-in L2TP/PSK Remote VPN has some issues with Android 9.0. It’s probably more of Android’s fault as older versions and Windows connect ok. So, don’t use this, use other VPN servers like Synology etc.


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