un chateau dans le sable | jh

J’ai construit un chateau dans le sable
I built a castle in my dreams
Avec les tours, les batîments, et un jardin des arbres
Complete with towers, ramparts and standards in the wind

J’ai construit un chateau avec le sable
I built a castle with my dreams
Sur le plage qui reste pas devant les vagues
On the clouds before sunrise, when night dost flee

Mais pourquoi j’avais fait tout ça
les reves qui changent et le sable qui va
Because grains of sand form the highest mountains
And dreams make up you and me.

Donc ce chateau de moi, il existe
Il transforme, il apparaît et il grandit
Like a paradise I’m incessantly building
Like a fairyland in the eternal night I’m dreaming.

It’s not fantastic, I concur. I have struggled with this for many days. There was something which I wanted to convey that I cannot find the words for. This is really as close as I can get right now before I get too frustrated. Non-frenchies it might be tough, but it simply has to be this way. It just feels so.

un chateau dans le sable | jh

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