Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Lite


One crazy interface with a ton of CLI options. Gonna be a challenge. Could not understand why I’m not getting any WAN IP.

Seems like Asus n56u isn’t good enough to push 300/300 Mbps on wire. Is it that crappy or have speeds gone up so fast. SingTel Router doing a better job, and with AC.
Still no WAN IP.

After a lot of research, it seems like SingTel MIO comes with annoying VLANs to provide TV and Phone services over the same line. This is oddly well handled by some consumer routers. Why isn’t anyone sharing ERL configs for SingTel

Seems like SingTel unlimited fibre would have provided a clean WAN IP, no VLAN. Why couldn’t they have gotten this

Seems like Google Fiber also uses VLANs. And some more helpful people have created a guide for Google Fiber on ERL. Great.

Gets WAN IP. Unable to PING. WHY.

Managed to get a working IP address and working internet connection using direct ONT->ERL. OMG. Adjusting the WAN Masquerade and NAT hairpin settings seem to have done the trick.

Only to find out Speedtest now only registers 100/100 Mbps instead of 300/300 Mbps. WHY.

Also, did not seem to receive IPTV IP. Oh well.

Could not figure it out further, restored to previous config with SingTel router. Bloody VLANS.

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 11.15.17 PM

set system offload ipv4 pppoe enable
set system offload ipv4 vlan enable

Hope that’s it.

– ipv6
– open/ipsec vpn
– IPTV bridge

Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Lite

7 thoughts on “Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Lite

  1. KH says:

    Have you successfully configured?
    I am planning to get a EdgeRouter LIte and am using SingTel Fibre plan, did the VLAN tagging work?

    1. Jh says:

      It kinda worked for a bit, but oddly my speeds were lower than the original router. And I never got round to figuring out the VLAN for the IPTV or voice.

      If you get the unlimited fibre plan, the setup is different

  2. Ang Chun Yong says:

    Singtel has Mac binding. You need clone a Singtel Router’s Mac to get to full speed. Or log a call to singnet . and ask if the tech support able to clear the old mac binding and rebind your EdgeRouter Lite Mac address.

  3. JL says:

    Hi –

    What settings did you use here to get it to work with Singtel?
    -Adjusting the WAN Masquerade and NAT hairpin settings seem to have done the trick.

    I had it working on my edge router lite before. Then, it blew up and I got another one and haven’t been able to get it on since on the new hardware. Cloning the MAC did nothing…

    1. Jh says:

      I’m not surprised if Singtel changed their settings since. I’ve switched back to using the singtel router as first router because of the need to have the TV working.
      I’ve decided that the non-Mio plans and other telcos are better than trying to hit my head on the Mio settings.

  4. sjblack says:

    i am using edgerouter poe5 with singtel fibre. had the same issue with you. what i did to get it working was

    1) unbridged eth1 from eth2-4
    2) cloned mac address of my aztech router to edgerouter
    3) set system offload ipv4/6 forward/vlan enable. that’s four commands.
    4) rebooted ont and edgerouter
    5) speed test via wired gigabit machine

    hope it helps someone someday…

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