Twenty seven crescents | jh

There are twenty seven days each month
Which we pen down ever so religiously in our diaries, our virtual blogs,
Our flip calendars.
Twenty seven days where the moon rides its elliptical path around the planet –
Crescent, waning, waxing.
And once a month it is full, as perfect as it could be.
And yet when I draw a round circle on paper, and ask you to label it, you would likely get it wrong
Is the crescent, then, more of a moon?

Some days, you are perfect, I am perfect –
And that is who we would dream each other to be
One day a month we are perfect. And the rest of it we are bent crescents, waxing and waning across the dark night sky ..

P.S. Couldnt find a way to say it well but I hope you get the gist of it.

Twenty seven crescents | jh

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