The Imitation Game




Alan Turing, Benedict Cumberbatch – the idiosyncratic genius. A man, so absorbed in his mathematics, in his equations, in his machines, his lost friend, his theory of machines so smart, his Enigma (machine), his enigma (that he himself is).
In the world of crazed geniuses, all of them were wild and incomprehensible. Only in hindsight could we know which of them were the good ones and which were the mad ones. The aliens would be terrified of us, if they saw our mad movies, our mad inventions, our fears and fantasies of violent antagonistic aliens. “If they saw what we were like, they would not give us the knowledge of spaceflight.”
It seems that too much of innovation is just the same old things redesigned, in ways more efficent to make money. Perhaps that’s the capitalist trap, to “invent” or “create” something to make yourself money, to make money to keep your corporation alive, to feed more money into legal departments, accounting departments, tax departments, HR departments. Money going into money into money, much of which is not very directly productive. But they say it is required, it is a “cost of doing business”, and so it gets incorporated into the pricing of things, and we pay for it, indirectly, we pay for each other’s salaries. How ridiculously absurd.

Turing machines. Turing-complete. Ideas and thoughts that revolutionized the computing industry, whatever it used to be called. This man changed the world and in our generation we had a new direction to work towards – smart machines. It seems like we are so far from it – modern computers and “smartphones” are anything but smart enough. I hope to see more change in this lifetime.

“Is it like when people talk? What do they mean?”
Pretty amazing script writer. Portrayed the awkwardness/eccentricity of the man pretty well. I can understand the character’s frustration with normal life / normal conversations. There’s often no ill intent, just a bewilderment with how people behave, react and respond to innocuous and straightforward conversations. People are weird; equations seldom are. Logical and illogicals.



A crazed war film, about a tank. Wow it was intense. It was short, and yet long, and yet not long enough. Bitter, painful, and all too realistic.


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