more precisely, taking photos while travelling is, simply put, so complicated. pun intended

it’s a huge, huge conflict. between the time and space-sensitive need to take normal photos of buildings, space, people, sights, fellow travellers, victory signs, faces, i-was-theres, i-<3-theres, and the really tricky desires in an artist (as opposed to snapshotter), to take those wonderfully emotive and ephemeral photos that truly blow our hearts and minds away.

the problem is manyfold: you often can’t do both at the same time; you don’t have enough time; you can’t linger and camp out at a particular spot; you can’t be somewhere at sunrise at daydreak at sunset at night..; you can’t carry so many lenses; and artists can’t really work together.

I’m talking about how you can’t low-angle, high-angle, 200mm zoom, f1.4 everything, take photos with half the person in it, with just one person in it, 1min exposures, and everything that you know the world could be prettier with. i hate being stuck with f8s, ISO400, ISO800, f4s, 1/200secs, 18mm, 30mm….

but you get some gems, out of a thousand mehs and a thousand rejects and a thousand commoners. these gems you hoard them, wish you could print them on 40 inch canvas framed and have them stand in a space as large as their presence for as eternal as the moment is.


i didn’t bring my camera this time round. it made my bag much lighter. how much lighter can a 15in MBP be? but i miss the moments that i missed. =)