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Who do you make time for? That’s what’s important to you. It’s not about the pretty girl you pick up at the bar after work (if you have energy after work today), it’s not about the ice cream you buy for me when we walked past the ice cream parlour (doesn’t parlour sound funeral-like), it’s not about the presents on my birthday that you think I might like (but it’s still really nice to get presents); it’s the guy whom you wore this dress for because you know he likes it (and also fretting two days earlier whether it’ll be out the wash, and dry, in time), it’s the particular matcha red bean ice cream you detoured to get for me (you know because it’s like the rare non-chocolate flavour I actually care about?), it’s that toy you got for me from Amazon or Newegg or ThinkGeek, no it’s that book you got me because it would make me sit there stunned (and to borrow an appropriate but colorful expression: mind-fucked) even though it isn’t birthday or Christmas or anything like that.

That’s what matters.

Understand Value. Value is sometimes rational and sometimes irrational. A girl can love getting a diamond-something. It gives her value. It makes her happy. It lets her show to her friends. It satisfies a desire, a comprehensively defined and cultivated need. A diamond is, interestingly, still worth more if given by a significant person. For example a big diamond ring won in a lucky draw is still emotionally inferior to an engagement ring. Which is quite reassuring to guys out there because they still value you, your love, and the engagement. No it wasn’t just to get a diamond.

Value is when people take photos and throw them away on Facebook. Yes I said thrown them away. Because once posted up, most people will dwell on them for 1 hour past the last comment and it will disappear into the oblivious depths of a data server. You’re not going to print them or show them to friends or port them over to your next Facebook. But it allowed for the 5 minutes of fame. All your friends, privacy settings depending, saw it. Some commented on it, some liked it. If you printed a photo and kept it at home. I think at most 5 friends will ever see it in its entire existence. So the photo possibly lived a brief fulfilling life. But the point I want to make is how it actually reflects Life. Life as a brief existence. We don’t bring our printed photos with us when we die, we don’t bring any memorabilia. Except at best our memories, and maybe not even that. So Facebook photos are but one compressed example of a brief life. It seems we have learned to live faster than ever.

There are so many people who are trapped within their stereotyped mindsets, their glass walled imaginations, their physical limits.

Why can’t I run in the rain?


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