to Josh And The Rest Of The World

Sometimes it feels like pointless grief might overcome me.
Sometimes it feels like I’m trying over the wrong things
And giving up on what I shouldn’t give up
And making varied wrong decisions in life.

Why go on about grief
One can’t build a friendship
Or a relationship out of it

Maybe if we had never actually understood each other completely, nor prroperly
At least you tried in a way
A way that seemed you cared and tried
And kind of understood.

I think it would be nice
to have someone to talk to
Someone even out of this world
Unbiased, not part of the problem
Not part of anything.
If only I could.
It would make things alot easier.
But I couldn’t lie.

Maybe I’m stupid
And I do stupid things

Why do we even bother worrying about certain things
Why do we even disagree on things
Or even misunderstand things
Or anything at all

I just want to watch the sun set over the bay
I just want to watch the skyscrapers evolve over the years
Filling up my vision
I just want to hold your hand in mine

Maybe we all left.
He left.
We left into separate worlds
Nobody writing or reading or replying anymore
And nobody understood

Sea salt
Sugar, double.
Peanut butter
And tea.

Sometimes I could die of the grief.

to Josh And The Rest Of The World

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