There’s this fantastic explosion of blogsites/websites that offer cheap products or services through bidding or chance, or group buy. THe draw is definitely there, the benefits to the consumer are real. Have you ever seen it as a form of gambling? Or as raffles. I mean, think about it, you are contributing towards a cause for the potential random chance that you might benefit from it. True, unlike normal lotteries you might not be giving money upfront. However the sites are harvesting your time and exposure. You are exposed to the brands, the advertising, which is what actually supports the sales and discounts. This is what you have paid out – your time and attention. Maybe you might find it ‘free’ to give away. I think I can spend that time doing other things too. Which is why this is like gambling.


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  1. j says:

    Interesting post =)

    Actually, in many of these models users Are giving money upfront. For the chance to buy something at a lower-than-market (so it seems) price. As for the bit about gambling and the viability of the model, I could write an essay about it but not here =P

    But yes I agree that time and influenced brain cells are being used for the cause(s) of these sites and brands… is that what they hope to achieve? Hm

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