Okay so the image isn’t really related but it’s the photo of the day, so.

Thoughts of the day:

1. Happy that there are still people immensely active in Ingress, that there are still some people I know, that there are active new players, that people are still fighting over portals, that despite how unmotivated I am (compared to previously. I still don’t understand how I could be so into it.), there are people who still care about the portals. Hm. (But I seriously did spend alot of time building up alot of ingress stuff. wow.)

2. Why do I have a raspberry pi XMBC that only I use in the house. Same as the fancy synology NAS. Pity that it isn’t more used by everyone else. Maybe it’s really too difficult to use. Maybe it doesn’t come in chinese or have shows that other people might want to watch. Maybe it still is too damn difficult to download a decent show of a decent quality from a non dubious source. Maybe paid streaming still has a big market, that could be solvable if they license it for SG without using US prices. Perhaps singtel/starhub are stopping the content providers from allow google play to enter the market. wont be surprised, given how they bid for the World Cup license. I hate them.

So why do I have these devices. So that I can run my backup, and streaming without exerting my little laptop. So that I can fiddle with it fairly cheaply because I enjoy fiddling with it. Same as why fighting with a difficult to format thumbdrive is fairly entertaining. Damn those drives still.

3. WordPress aint pretty but it gets the job done. Ghost is prettier, Medium is prettier. Choices are prettier but if so few readers are reading the blog, why bother to spend so much time and effort on design. Maybe I should even keep the cost lower and put it on

4. Beats is stupid. Apple is stupid. Sigh. If you can, tell people that Beats is overpriced crap. Is Apple even aware that it’s no longer cool to be using Beats headphones? It makes you look like a dumb pirate. People who wanna look cool and have money to burn, go for higher end brands. People who want to go for low cost value, go for other brands. People who don’t have money and want to try to look cool, buy pirated Beats. Everybody knows that alot of Beats is pirated. So, basically it’s a freaking mess for that brand. Unless it’s different in America, because, you know, most consumers there are sad. So please buy better headphones, earphones, streaming services, and even weareables, whichever your theory for Apple buying Beats is.

5. I think people should keep quiet on planes. or keep their voices down. Or I need some insanely better noise-cancelling noise-blocking ultraphones.




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