This post is not about tech

Let’s take a break from it all. All that pointless bickering. What’s important is to live, to feel alive, to be alive, to really live instead of talking about living, or figuring out how to live. Really.

It would be good if Zera could commiserate with me, but it’s okay. I have Courier font to do that with me.

[Pretty tempted to use Markdown to write this post, but I shall resist being geeky]

Perks of Being a Wallflower spoilers.

I watched The Perks of Being a Wallflower. It is a good movie. I enjoyed it. It brought me back to another world, a slower, more feel-ly world. You have to listen to the music, or your music, maybe not your music, the music. There is a list here, it might be close. It’s a spaced out youngadult-adult angst highschool-college indie rock.

I, I can’t describe the movie enough in words. I loved the spaced out feeling, the ephemeral nature, the growing up, the learning, experiencing. Charlie, the main character, was the lost kid like spiderman. The awkward kid in the corner, the wallflower, who needed to find himself in the treacherous hostile environment that is high school classrooms, corridors and cafes. Not forgetting house parties. He finds some friends, goes through many, many experiences. They all learn things, grow up, talk, and talk some more. They listen to music, great music. They drown themselves in their young people feelings, in their own great ocean in that little building. They learn to feel bigger, to not be constricted by their small space. They learn how to be different, where to fit in, how to be themselves.

“The cool kids are the ones who can think.” The ones who didn’t slip into stereotypes and cardboard cutouts. Who didn’t lose themselves in a sea of hormones, cheap rewards and pretence.

To Kill a Mockingbird was one of the most torturous books to read in high school. It would make a normal person hate literature. It is dry, boring, slow, drawny. It talks about social issues, color, strata, courtrooms. It is like a painful episode you live through. You live through and you understand things.

I boarded the bus and I couldn’t stand hearing the broken singlish the girl was speaking in. Use your own language, fine, use your singlish or dialect or whatever it is. Sometimes it isn’t just the language, it is the frivolous shallow way that some people live their lives. I cannot bear it sometimes. It is difficult to accept how they gossip about people, issues, how they scrunch up their faces at things and people, how they lack kindness, compassion, tolerance, acceptance. Yes people suck, some people do stupid things, some colleagues are insufferable and evil, some people do things we cannot understand.

The movie is like NC-16 here in Singapore. I don’t think it should be that high a rating, but it was supposedly for the drug use, gay themes, whatever.

Simon & Garfunkel – Scarborough Fair

– Hi.
> Hi.
– It is quiet out here tonight.
> It is. It is. I couldn’t…
– I know.
> The wall was safer. It was away from the unknown. From strangers who talked, loudly; danced, wildly; and judged, harshly.
[] You just need, people. People who are on your side. In the crowd, everybody is nobody, everybody pretends to be the same.
– But within the crowd, they are all their own person, they are all their own bundle of fears, nightmares and fragile dreams.
> Yea.
– You will understand. You will see things, you will have your feelings, you will love, be loved, you will cry and be heartbroken, you will understand.

This post is not about tech

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