this post is about emotion

and what makes people cry. or that sort of thing.

So someone asked me whether I’d read “The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle”. Or perhaps, I imagined that someone asked me whether I had read it. So for the life of me I couldn’t imagine whether I had read it. Seriously. Perhaps it was S who asked me, I just cannot remember. Perhaps it was. Because it was hanging on F’s chat status recently. I googled it up and read the first chapter off NYTIMES. I have read it. Many years ago. Or perhaps, simply a long long time ago. Long in terms of book years, story years. Murakami has a freakish way with words, both him and his translators. They stir up weird emotions in me. They are so frighteningly true sometimes. They are so real, so fake, so absurd, so real that it is so absurd that it is so frightening. Do you know what I mean? I mean, if something were really obviously fake, it wouldn’t seem absurd coz you’ll know it’s meant to be fake, and it wouldn’t be frightening. Sometimes things are frightening because it happens to someone you know, or someone close to you. Problems which you never expected would exist, or knew existed. It’s frightening. It stirs up emotions. It’s real. Or did I imagine it.

On the plane, I watched When Harry Met Sally, this really old 1989 romantic comedy. I guess it was v-day and since I had to spend it on the plane, I might as well watch some romance. Bleh. I rather enjoyed the movie. Despite being flu-ridden in a pressurized air conditioned cabin and losing my earphones and having to endure a mind-blowing ache in my head while the plane descended. How impossible is their stupid love. I cannot believe any girl would tolerate such a guy. him and his obnoxious theories. pah. Did this movie really bring forth the notions of high maintenance, transitional person / rebound, can men and women just be friends? Maybe it’s a disservice that such notions were propogated. How much of all this is a result of the society that we grow up in, of all the influences we learn from shows, friends, parents, teachers, books, expectations, norms, abnorms, unsafe-to-read books…

hey. enjoy life alright. it’s not all sadness and pain.

what sort of silly person says he wants to sleep early, goes to bed, turns on a comedy on his laptop, and then falls asleep. *facepalm* ans: my colleague.

this post is about emotion