I am astounded by these folks – The MeatMen .sg. It’s a brilliantly simple looking food blog, with top notch videos of recipes and some other little things like a small number of food reviews and a list of places to shop for ingredients and tools.

They are a bunch of friends, largely unnamed, and you hardly ever see their faces or bodies in the videos, but they have a special complimentary set of skills – skilled cook, skilled videographer. They make everything look good, feel good, sound good.

Keep watching. (in HD 1080p)

Lovely knife skills, fresh vegetables, crisp sound. Sweet.

Oh so delicate Chee Cheong Fun. handmade. homemade.

One of the most over-the-top vacation videos ever.

Like staple food to me, I gotta learn this. I’m astounded at the western and then eastern slant of their videos. They cook it all!

Weren’t Pineapple tarts supposed to be an expensive and troubling cookie?

Sinful chocolates

They do everything


I really enjoy their style. No annoying voice, no pandering reviews, just a light music, delicious cooking sounds, and awesome photography of the dish.

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