Theatre is the new Cinema

Years ago, the cinema was a cool thing. It was a special outing, a special venue, a particular occasion. Now cinema is a run-of-the-mill hangout for students, overflowing with animation and comic book trilogies. The once high brow content of film, is relegated to a small fraction of the content churned out by Disney, Paramount, MCM, Universal, etc. Especially after they discovered that trilogies are a great way to milk a story, and comic book heroes are in serious fashion.

Film has fallen so far that it is even ripe for online media streaming services to pipe it into your home 50 inch screens. No more 1000inch screens and professional sound systems required. Film has gotten so sad that major TV series now rank as high in popularity – TV was not so long ago but a faint shadow.

That leaves theatre, musicals and plays as the remaining bastion of “upper crust” (as the Les Mis character would say) entertainment – where people still doll up with makeup, evening dresses, put on their suits and jackets, put up hundreds of dollars and pay for triple priced drinks and bites. The crowd are all fairly well off, fairly educated, and such a top crust of the society pie.

Theatre is the new Cinema

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