the sound of her voice

Something for you to read. Again quoted from ‘the perks of being a wallflower’

‘As we entered her room. I noticed how different it looked from the night Sam kissed me. The pictures were down, and the dressers empty, and everything was in a big pile on the bed. I said to myself that I would not cry no matter what because I didn’t want to make Sam feel any more panicked than she already was.

So I just watched her pack, and tried to notice as many details as I possibly could. Her long hair and thin wrists and her green eyes. I wanted to remember everything. Especially the sound of her voice. Sam talked about a lot of things, trying to keep herself distracted. She talked about what a long drive they had tomorrow and how her parents had rented a van. She wondered what her classes would be like and what her eventual “major” would be. She said she didn’t want to join a sorority but was looking forward to the football games. She was just getting more and more sad. Finally, she turned around.’

i guess i should stop here

the sound of her voice

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