The others

Recent covid cases have hit the port/marine industry and the airport borders pretty consistently. Low, but consistent occasional cases of transmission from their interactions with foreigners.

Kinda sucks to be them. It’s a constant risk. Maybe it’s not as high profile as the risk of healthcare workers treating and attending to covid patients, but nevertheless it’s a higher risk than other industries that’s walled off.

Because it’s not as recognized, it might not be as appreciated too. I should say hardly anybody’s job description is to deal with this viral outbreak 24/7/365 and ongoing. The general healthcare industry on a normal day attends to medical issues without such risk of transmissions, the port industry just wants to move ships and cargo, the airport industry just wants to check and move people and cargo.

I’d liken it to like a normal policeman is not equipped or supposed to be having to guard against the mafia or a war day in and out. Tough. Hope y’all have an easier time soon.

The others

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