books I thought I would like

“The dividing line between books I liked, books I thought I would like, books I hoped I would like and books I didn’t like now but thought I might at some future date was rarely distinct.”

via YMFY.

You know, it’s true. There are lots of books, lots of different stories, there have been books that I picked up and tried to like/read (War and Peace, Leo Tolstoy), that I looked at and wished I bought (Remembrance of Things Past, Marcel Proust), books that I didn’t like, books that I started reading and put down, books that I bought because they were pretty but couldn’t understand it (Milan Kundera), books that I read through like drinking water if for the heck of it (Harry Potter etc.), books that I hadn’t thought I would like, books that I liked and didn’t buy, books that I don’t even remember reading, books that I keep picking up and telling myself I should read, and books that I bought but didn’t read, and books that I want to get rid of, and books that I thought I had but couldn’t find, and I still find things to read.

books I thought I would like

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