ten nis

Thanks@Jermine for the wonderfab tennis workout. I am most elated at my forehand topspin and my backhand. I still need to tweak it to be more efficient. It’s currently going still too flat out, need to curve it move over the netline. Shots going diagonally out the left and right seem to be okay, though not consistent enough. Backhand down the straight left is totally bad. Forehand straight right is not natural too. Serves suck. Normal forehand distance judgement sucks as well. Efficiency overall sucks very badly, wasting alot of energy, need to be more lazy and find a sweeter spot+angle+bounce.

Want to also figure out forehand diagonal to the right, and hitting right off the bounce. Volley returns seem to have righted itself without any help, but suspect to be inconsistent.

Angle angle.

ten nis

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