Tea & Coffee

The two young guys, talking about jobs, tired of what they have, and looking out for new ‘chill’ jobs.
Me: So young and so chill already

The smartly but casually dressed young couple, talking about the news. Quiet girl, perusing the papers calmly while Guy, rambling on a bit about the mess of the politics. Waiting for another couple to arrive. She passed him $5 for her own coffee, but it wasn’t a big deal, he didn’t ask for the cash before ordering, nor did he blink when he took it. The two of them are terribly, comfortably close, intimate and comprehending, and most definitely together. Not falling head over heels, but in the comfortable stage. They’ll probably marry someday, but seemingly not yet. The quiet confidence, stability, and comfort, is just amazing. They don’t flirt, but there’s physical contact. They’ve been here often too, kinda knowing what to order, but not getting it perfect yet.
Me: Calm but not vapid, quiet but not stupid.

The two girls, gossiping around in their faux English.
Girl 1: married and complaining about her husband and in laws.
Girl 2: trying to go up on some job.
So frivolous, sounding so desperate, so frustrated over little things like filling up the rice cooker, colleagues, anything. Wow.
“I don’t understand why men don’t like to wear suits. Suits is like lingerie for men.” “Yeah once you see them you just want to take them off.”
Me: get outta here

Conversations here are so different from kopitiam ones.

Tea & Coffee

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