split timings

some more marathon timing obsession after discovering More results on the website. they are using so many services at the same time. with slightly differing numbers.

here i am delighted that my last bar is faster than the previous one. yay. okay i shall get to 10kph throughout and i will be in the top 1000 people. easy.

says there over the final 9km i passed 413 runners and 162 passed me. yay. seriously how do those 162 ppl run so fast at the end..

so far the best shot of me. their photos are always so un-cool. Thanks marathon-photos, but unless the photo was like way more artistic, I wouldn’t purchase them.

also a stark reminder that it’s so easy to die sometimes. even for fit young people with no apparent medical condition. i occassionally have this odd fear when i am going to fly away. oh well. sub 2 hrs is a nice time for 21k. i wonder if i can do that if i wasnt saving energy for the return…must pace. i also remember looking at the watch at 1h30 and thinking ‘crap, only 1/3 done’.

pretty impressed with the 2000 female runners in the full marathon. kinda straining on a small body size. it really tones your body shape though. and probably also reduces alot of body fat, both unwanted and wanted.

split timings