@ The Plain

Table in a corner. 100% original photo, no crop no filter. Isn’t that beautiful.

Magazines. There’s better stuff at the back: a stack of Monocles, and the Monocle papers. This one was bizarrely artistic with some gothic half nudes.


my kinda staple food

something i aspire to do

munching away

a knighted poached egg, that’s how i call it.
i’d like to say the pic looked pretty sharp on the phone. =( ok it still looks good at this size. not at 640×640 though.
and oh by the way they dont cut it for you



Address: The Plain, 50 Craig Rd.


To FLICKR: Your Android App is wonderful, and has one of the best upload management process I’ve ever seen. Totally awesomely thought through and optimised for phones. But can you add cropping and phone gallery options?

@ The Plain

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