sun in my eyes

I felt such joy today. Pretty uneventful end of the day in the office
for me today, left some minutes earlier to go get my tennis racket. I
walked out to the bus stop at the main road. along the way I passed a
lovely enclave of tropical trees, the evening sun filtering through
them, light reflecting in my eyes, the warm sun wrapping around my
still cool body. It was such a beautiful feeling not commonly felt
here in our hot and humid city. If only for just a moment. A spring/
autumn in the tropics kinda feeling. and I was listening to Juli,
great German music. Then I walked down a quiet flight of stairs out of
the secret garden to the bus stop. it was back to the reality of
traffic and urbanness but now I was by the road bathed in more warm
sun in an obscure suburb, as if I were 40 miles from the city. sorta
floating feeling in all the sun. and i was on the bus going by ancient
trees with yet the sun flashing through as i type this. well I loved
it. and I’m writing all this in a desperate attempt to remember all
that without the magic of a video camera. it would make such a nice
short soundless film. it is also a nice feeling going home with no bag
at all. nothing but the clothes on me the shirt on my bag and iPod in
my hands. haha product branding, gotta get all this marketing stuff
outta my head.
I wanna go running in the sun!

sun in my eyes

One thought on “sun in my eyes

  1. jx says:

    lovely moment it must have been =] sometimes i wish i could write every thing down as they are before they disappear or are forgotten but that’s so difficult isn’t it

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