Went shoe-shopping recently, as evidenced by the boxes. Its good to go on a monday coz the shop is empty and I can get the full attention of the staff. Did end up trying a helluva lot of shoes. Plus the display size fits me, great.

Well, I was rather surprised when I found these in my shoe box. One pair of ‘cheapo’ straw-like ‘shoehorn’ for the cheaper shoes, and a pair of nicer and ultra short ones for the nicer shoes. Cool. Plus individually bagged shoes.

I like paying for good service and extra little useful stuff. Now I hope these shoes last me a year. I really should take care of them better.

Yes I know you can’t see my shoes here. =p


One thought on “straws

  1. jx says:

    lucky you, display shoes never fit my feet…
    are the “straws” and “horns” for retaining the shoes’ shapes? heh. good (and not overly zealous) service is nice =)
    looking fwd to seeing you wear your new shoes!

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