This morning on my way to work I was typing out the steps for last evening’s salsa class, and I thought to myself, salsa’s like spinning a basketball. You know how the thing about spinning a basketball on the tip of a finger? Yes you know that. (I like asking questions in this manner. Instead of Qn: “You know something?” Jh: “no.” ) Anyway, yeah like those act cool teenagers and NBA guys and they can do that trick which I most definitely cannot. It probably isn’t good for my nail polish anyway. Just joking. Yes so when a person spins the basketball on the finger, what is involved? He focuses alot of effort on balancing it on the finger, which involves a constant regular firm spin and constant adjustment of the hand/finger to place it on the centre of gravity. It’s about getting it to be stable and pretty and even, instead of a super strong and wobbly spin, instead of using as much force as possible. The person is, well, showing off how beautifully the basketball is balancing and spinning, and how pretty it looks. And then you can add in some posing, to look cooler, and some fancy Nike apparel, and a pose.

The most important thing: Don’t drop the ball.

Yeah so that’s about sums up salsa: spin the girl as nicely as possible. and make it look good.


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