Spektor and Special Guest

“You listened to it twice, because the DJ is asleep…”
Bam ba dum ba dum

Sometimes you just gotta suspend reality for awhile. I often avoid listening to Spektor before work because it brings me too far away from reality into my edgey writey self and its difficult to concentrate on the real world.

Spektor was weird. Truly weird. Truly truly weird. Enough to fascinate JH weird.

This is also going to be a weird blog post.

Special Guest was incredible. I liked the good special guest songs better than some of the Spektor songs. So cool. So effortless seamless perfect delivery jokes witty humour fascinating array of songs nice strong structure need listen more so good.

Intermission was weirdly long? But seems consistently characteristic of Spektor. Hence. Raise eyebrows. But alright then. Character quirks. Still bizarre.

Spektor walks like hunchback. But not real hunchback. Maybe too much time on piano. Maybe she ‘hears’ you instead of see you and puts her ear forward. Maybe she can’t stand still.

Weird streak she has. There are spektorish songs and all else are massive intense paintings of emotions. Painted with sounds. I would say she’s an artist.

Weird streak. Also hands not glued to the piano. Interesting.

Live life crazy 🙂

Spektor and Special Guest

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