so I was rue-ing my HTC’s failings and I chanced upon this draft

makes me feel a lot better. mwahaha. still, i wish the htc was alot faster (hell it’s one year old compared to the iphone, and android is natively slower on UI), i wish i had a much better fb app, i wish it had better battery life (but it’s my fault to install so many background services like reader, glancee, etc. and use an inefficient rom), i wish i had a great and fast camera (again, one year old), i wish the screen and designs were brighter (well it is fantastic in the dark though).

i’m loving Roboto, the new font. wow it is just cool. i love my pattern lockscreen highlights. i never tire of it. i feel loved everytime i unlock my screen. swipe to unlock? meh. i love my dialer. my contacts integration. my five minute wipe and setups. my app installation through web. pretty calendar. easy backups and exports. full featured dropdown bars (without needing root or jailbreak), my wifi analyzer that’s free.

and instagram is coming soon. and the guy even says its kinda better than the iOS version. duh, android gives you more freedom and capabilities.

and my gtalk. gtalk is to my android what bbm is to the bb. instant hassle free talk anywhere.

did i mention pretty black usb cables that connect to anything. and a usb drive whenever i need it. i havent even transferred any music on to the phone because everything is streaming online for me =p

After a couple of weeks of testing out the iPhone, I’ve realised some things about how people use iPhones compared to other smartphones.

1. It’s a pretty dumb phone. I think that’s a fairly accurate description of it compared to an Android. Of course the Blackberry is also pretty dumb but it’s not fair to compare that way.
It is dumb because of the limited range of system and service integration on underlying levels of phone operation. It is only versatile within each app, in the sense that there is a big variety an number of well designed apps that have good features.

Phone calling: pathetic at best. FaceTime is largely irrelevant. Minimal call statistics and call management. Old school contact management. No contact groups. Poor contact sync. No contact matching. No intelligent number/name detection possible. No integration with other calling services like Viber and Google Voice and other VOIP services.
Good: clear consistent big buttons that are easy to understand because they can’t do anything complex.

SMS: Good integration with iMessage but distinction is poor. Poor or nonexistent management of message statistics, same as calling. Disappointing given availability of third party apps on Android and Ice Cream Sandwich advancements.

Data usage: similar poor usage statistics, which i consider a highly useful user feature. Signal is alright. Inability to fetch data in the background greatly hampers app functions. Necessity to wait for apps to load data I a major annoyance given poor network coverage anywhere in the world.

App management: decent. ITunes store is reliable and easily recognisable. Android’s store is too fragmented and difficult to understand for the common user. Difficult to build trust and familiarity. App management on screen is minimal and pathetic. Good: easy to delete apps and form nice folders. Bad: no widgets, apps only appear in one place, no way to re-sort apps, lack of HTC Sense’s pinch zoom. Generally slower to do things.

so I was rue-ing my HTC’s failings and I chanced upon this draft

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