spent the greater part of the day going through my entire Flickr account and selecting photos for printing. there goes 2-300 photos into Snapfish. the prices are pretty good. and im really lazy to bring my stuff all the way to the printing shop and then pickup at a later date. 15 cents per photo.

only recently realised that i got my camera in late april/early may last year! so i’ve been at it for 2/3 of a year. some of the earlier photos look lousy. haha. i actually can remember all the photo-outings.

sigma announced some new lenses! must resist the temptation.

i think i need to get a box to store photos. when you have that many, albums and frames just can’t cope.

the other day i was at the scrapbooking shop, and i was staring at the samples. i thought, wah, one or two photos on each page, and i have like hundreds of scrapbookable photos. not possible.