Smartphone GPS

About 4 years ago, I was fiddling desperately with my Nokia N97, trying to get a GPS lock without data connection. You’ll be surprised how much longer it takes to acquire location without the extra help of AGPS. But back then my phone only had WiFi for data.

Then there were affordable 3G enabled phones. Fabulous. GPS usage started to become more affordable and practical, but still took a fair bit of time and battery. We used it sparingly for maps.

And then it got more plentiful. We saw Location Based Services, like FourSquare and photo tagging and navigation apps. Cool.

And then we had more gyroscopes in phones, and then barometers. Yup, really.

You kinda got by with all that – you couldn’t possibly be using GPS all the time. Lest you are driving, but if you are, you can plug it in to a power supply.

Next came Ingress. Oh my gosh.
Ingress uses fine location positioning aggressively, all the time. You can easily deplete your battery in 1 or 2 hours. Seems like the time is right for better positioning methods.

By the way the Enlightened needs a lot of help. Please join.

Ingress Update:
Not enough portals. Difficult to play like that. I can’t do much.

Smartphone GPS

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