Singapura Campur

Singapore Writer’s Festival 2015

Jerrold Yam – fairly uninspiring short pieces. I expected more given his past awards.

Audrey Chin – older in age than most of the poets I see, and from a very different background. I would say there’s a generation and cultural gap, but it was intriguing, and if I were to look at it with an open mind, I’m happy that more of the population is into poetry.

Divya Victor – read out her students’ works, one or two of which were fairly good.

Wong Su Ann – did not enjoy it at all.

Marc Nair – Marc is always stunningly hilarious, entertaining and a delightful presence on the stage. His piece on swimming classes in Singapore sure got everyone in laughter, and his quick piece on The Hero of High Street shows just how instinctively some people write poetry. We write to record down a thought, a sight, an event where others would take a photo or recount it in speech. Putting it into verse draws a picture in words of a specific feeling that is hard to explain otherwise. I hope Marc continues writing.

Joshua Ip – a total surprise. His regular short pieces on pop culture themes were playful, creative and funny. Nice quick reads. His super long and impromptu piece on the other speakers was downright hilarious, whimsical, and the perfect summary to the entire evening. Well done well done.

A Rainy Night | JH

A rainy day, a rainy night,
A new and different poetry crowd sits
in this filled room watching
listening to the poets presenting
explaining reading justifying
their every word written printed

A weekend evening, a Saturday evening,
A new outing crowd sits
dressed up in their black dresses, frilly white blouses,
suave espadrilles, red basecall cap, strappy shoes
smart polo tees, and fancy clothes.
Fancier than I would a ‘geeky’ literary event
Less fancy than a black tie dinner.

A white room, a square room,
New furnishings and new lightning
greets new words and new sounds of the
new generation talking about the old
reminiscing about this country this land
these people who walk run eat work play
write do think remember.

Singapura Campur

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