Silver Linings Playbook

Just watched it. To put it simply, I liked it.

I suppose I was intrigued and enraptured by the dark twisted backgrounds of the characters, the messed up lives of every character coming into a potent mix of neverending flash points, rapid-fire conversations which made half sense and no sense, many many confused people living out their hard lives, their tragic fates, and trying to run away from themselves. – with spoilers.

Bradley Cooper, and Jennifer Lawrence, both made famous by characters in lesser movies, have done really well in this film, bringing to life wildly convincing, funny, and entertaining characters. The frustration, the comedic frustration, the development, the fraught romantic overtures of everyone, the cringworthy situations, the quick, oh quick flashes through everything. Fascinating. The director seemed to touch on everything and give a good feel without dwelling too much on any aspect. Good focus, good pace.

It was good.

Punggol was fairly fun enough. Not too empty, not too crowded. Could do with more facilities and shops. But a really pleasant park.

Oh the silliness that goes on sometimes. It’s hilarious. It’s just a game. I am only a player. haha.

Silver Linings Playbook

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