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It’s such a controversy in the recent age – the worry of being always-on, always-connected, always-sharing, the Fear of missing out (FOMO), the Joy of missing out (JOMO).

Rightly so, people are concerned about the change in social dynamics and social interaction with people always being connected, always on their screens, and I am most definitely guilty of that.

Well but the thing is, is it necessarily a very bad thing? Society has evolved, constantly. From the old ages of writing physical letters, to having a phone in the house, being able to call people anytime from your couch, to having mobile phones, to have mobile phones that are mobile computers.

This has changed so very fast, in my lifetime! Wow.

Now we are holding mobile computers with (still only 1 day battery life), with mobile connections in the hundreds of megabits per second, almost always connected (at least in well-connected Singapore, but not so much in other countries). We, I, live in a city that is super well-connected, like it is nothing, like you can watch streaming youtube videos on trains and buses all over – and that’s not possible in other countries. It’s normal, and simple, for us. At not too high a price too. Incredible.

So are we, here, more used to being always-on and always-connected. Are we more adapted to this fast paced lifestyle than others in more expansive and spread out countries like Australia, USA, Germany etc?

We think that people these days are over-sharing on their social media accounts. But humans are always so afraid of change, the weirdest thing right now is that the tech community is the one that is afraid of change, and what society has become. That’s odd because usually it’s the other way round.

What if, I tell you, that in the future, people will be even more connected, even more and more sharing taking place. Could it? I think it might, in ways that we could not imagine right now, and what if it isn’t a bad thing? What if it’s a good way of being always connected to healthcare, a good way of being always aware of your partner and family. Aware in the way like feeling something is there, like how you know they are always on the other side of WhatsApp or other chat, of the ‘typing’ display, or the slow throughout-the-day messaging. A presence. And if you cut that off you feel all alone.

Tethered in a way. Or perhaps an awareness of how your house is functioning haha.

I think it will become more, in different ways, and then we will remark again that wow in 2019 people were so much less connected, they had to pick up their mobile phones, they had to put it aside to charge it, they didn’t have a mobile data plan across the globe. It’s just a matter of time, money, I guess.

Sharing, communication, always-on

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