SF / Connect 18

The actual reason for this US trip, and the source of the free flight – Connect 18. Here are the few out of my trigger-happy photo album:

really fun comedy night
the night streets of tenderloin. oh my gosh.
friends friends and more friends
one of the best attractions in SF
bestest friend
what are the oddds
you’ll realize most photos are of hanging out with people, all over sf
favorite In-n-Out burger now
one of the actual ‘work’ sessions – hearing about new things, asking questions, learning about what others are doing
hell yeah
crazy friendsss
going around everywhereeee. in this case the crazy bendy road

All-in-all, Connect is absurdly fun, because it’s so low stress, it’s not a work event, it’s more of a celebration / party than a conference, you get meet people in person whom you have been chatting with online for a long time.

I would not call SF by itself to be sufficiently fun a destination, maybe only as a gateway city to California. Especially with them high prices these days.

SF / Connect 18

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