went sightseeing in Mumbai today. Hot, sucky traffic, and so so stuff.

you can go see the photos here if you want

Heck, since I have some time. I shall write about today.
Woke up. Wait for the ever-late boss. Went out with our driver. Yay a nice AC (aircon) car.
[should not listen to so much of shan hu hai. but i just like it]
went out. met the traffic. blah.
got on the Sea Link brigde/highway. Its nice, and quite empty. probably coz of the 50Rs toll. but hey, 50Rs to save 3 persons an eternity of traffic is probably worth it. (maybe it might have been interesting to go the other way and maybe see some of the slums)
Hot day. Opening car windows brings you that eeky smell of India. It so smells like India. When we arrived at the airport, Ben and I were like, this is so India. hai.
it is also super smoggy. everything looks so terrible. i dunno. its not like there are heavy industries or whatever. its just density. and cars are also not That much compared to other crazier cities. dunno them.
nice bridge. yeah. only half the lanes are open tho. i dunno how ppl build a bridge half only. whatever lar. eek bad english. you cant even see the horizon properly coz its so smoggy that you cant differentiate the end of the sea and the sky properly. it is so bad to live here.
everything else looks old and dying and dusty. yeah its all dusty and aged and smokey and dirty. why. i dunno. its like some cities just age so fast or something.
got to the terminus. its a nice looking building. has nice architecture and gargoyly stuff. and macdonald’s such a saviour of hungry ppl looking for comfort food in india. heh.
couldnt even go into the terminus. but we had a fun time crossing roads. well you just try to watch the traffic and not get run over. yup.
its really hot being out in the streets though. couldnt stand it for long. Hot. like singapore. zzz.
then we went to Gateway. its a pretty nice looking monument. commemorating Queen’s arrival or something like that. problem is that there are way too many touts around. this entire gang of ppl offering to take and print photos of you. the crazy thing is that they are all equipped with nikon dslrs, albeit lousy ones. but that’s still quite surprising. but my camera is better haah. my two great companions were equipped with an iphone and a $100 but 12megapixel camera. needless to say, its not easy to take photos with those two devices.
ok gateway. we din go to Elephanta island coz it was a boatride away. so far. and then the boat looks kinda crappy. and it was so hot.
next went over to the Taj hotel. through the customary security check. security is everywhere. hai. sianz. such a pretty hotel. old, classical. pretty. but too dangerous to stay there now.
pretty. their washrooms even have like moisturizer and facewash.
had a drink at the nice lounge. i love the victorian decor. pastel blue drawing room colourrr. and a nice view of the sea. its so lovely. drinks cost 300 Rs there! almost 10 sgd. ! compared to a macdonal’s meal that cost less than 100 Rs or something… yeah. 3 x sausage egg mcmuffin meals was 250 Rs. and they even wrongly gave us one extra muffin and hash brown.
had a cheap but quite good lunch at Copper Chimney. 500 Rs lunch buffet. indian food.
then we went to Haji Ali. the mosque that you can only get to by walking out to sea. and the causeway gets flooded during high tide. that place is a mess again. lots of touristy shops. messy. dirty. oh gosh. and its one of the bigger tourist highlights of the city.
walked over. in the crazy heat again. goodness. past all the many many stalls, beggars. fewer beggars and homeless here in the city compared to kolkata. but i suppose all are in the slum area. =(
really too hot.
came back after that.


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